Welcome To Your Funnel Support Center

step #1 Check The Video Support Center

Most software questions have been answered inside of the Video Support Center. On the left hand bar you will see a link to the "Video Support Center"

Step #2A Feature Not Working?

Submit a Bug Report to our team, we understand that sometimes bugs happen and we want to know when they do.

Step #3Join Funneltopia

Join our Discord Community to get access to EXCLUSIVE Bonuses and content. This is also a great place to ask for help

Get 1-on-1 Support

Select one of the options below based on the level of support you need

#1Email Technical Support

Have a question you would like to get direct answers to?

We offer FREE email support to ALL of our members. You can ask any software functionality related questions and we will respond with a link to the support documentation, if we don't have a support document we'll record a new support document video and send you the link. We usually respond the same day or next day during support hours.

Emails are answered Tuesday to Friday between 10a - 4p Pacific. Monday we provide support through a LIVE call in Funneltopia to our PRO, VIP, & Enterprise Members from 12p - 4p Pacific. We don't work weekends.

#2Video Zoom/Loom Support

All VIP & Enterprise level accounts include 4+ hours of customized video/loom support. This support level we will work with you to get your request completed. We can build your funnels, automate your emails, set up your calendars, create a product, migrate memberships, & a whole lot more..

#3: Strategic Marketing Support

Jump on a call with one of our coaches to discover how you can get the best results possible with a Funnel.

You'll leave with a blueprint to know what Funnel to use, how to get leads to convert into your Ultimate goal (aka your offer), where to find your Niche and how to Nurture them so they will buy, so you can create a unique Experience, allowing you to better Leverage your resources.